Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Internships: Showmethereel.com Offers Entertainment Industry Advice That’s Also Helpful for Other Internships

To find an internship and then be successful in that internship most people need as much advice as they can get. My older daughter Rachel Miller – co-partner of Showmethereel.com – has just had two new articles accepted at ezinearticles.com:

  • one on finding an internship in the entertainment industry
  • the other on being successful in an entertainment industry internship

Both these articles give good advice that is also useful for other internships.

Here is sample advice from Rachel’s first and second articles:

When do you need to start interning?

To get the maximum benefit, you should intern at a company for at least 3-4 months for at least three days a week so that you really become part of the team and so that your colleagues will remember who you are.

Do NOT waste your time interning over your short college spring break - no one will remember you for only a week or two. Instead go somewhere fun over short breaks and focus on finding an internship for the summer or during the semester.

How do you turn your internship into a job?

The easy answer is: do a GREAT job as an intern - not just an okay job but an outstanding job. Always be there on time, do the work, come in with a smile and be enthusiastic!

Ezinearticles.com is one of several article aggregators on the internet. After submitted articles are accepted, they can be used for free by anyone as long as the author’s resource box (last paragraph in the article) is included. Many ezines, blogs and websites utilize these free articles.

To read these two internship articles at ezinearticles.com, go to:

(A tiny url is a free system for shortening long URLs. You simply go to tinyurl.com and paste a long URL into the box and voila! out pops a short URL.)

FYI – www.showmethereel.com is a new online entertainment community where writers, directors, production designers, hair and make-up artists, composers and many other entertainment industry professionals can showcase their work. If you have a passion in one of these fields, you can consider showcasing your work here.

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