Friday, March 28, 2008

Career Advice: Put Yourself Out There – Politely

I received an email about an illustrator/graphic design position at a Los Angeles company. Whenever I get such an email, I stop to think who I know that might be interested.

I forwarded this email to someone – let’s call him Jeff -- looking for work after being laid off when a web company closed.

Jeff emailed back thanking me for this announcement and saying that he’s interested in the position but he doesn’t have all the job requirements.

I suggested to Jeff that he reply to the job opening – telling the company truthfully what he had just told me – and adding that he’d appreciate it if the company kept his resume on file for future job needs.

Here are the exact words of Jeff’s reply to me: “Wow. I was kind of shy doing that but you have a point! Will do!”

And my next response to Jeff was that he should NOT be shy. The more people he sends his resume to the better. You never know who knows who.

Maybe the person receiving Jeff’s resume will pass it along to someone looking for a person with Jeff’s skills. Jeff’s resume can’t be passed along unless he first sends it.

If there’s a reasonable connection to a job posting (Jeff has all the required skills except one) and as long as you’re honest and polite – go for it!

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