Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Encouraging Women to Attend Graduate Business School – Part II

In my last post I asked the question: What do business people do?


That’s the thrill of a business school education – it can be utilized in so many different kinds of positions and industries.

Some of these positions you may be able to name – accountants, Wall Street stock brokers, marketing people, computer programmers . Yet these are only the beginning.

And what about industries? Oil companies, retail chains, consulting practices, brokerage firms, food manufacturers, automobile manufacturers. The list is endless.

This is where internships during the college years come in handy. Pick an industry that appeals to you – and get an internship in that industry. Then talk to the people who work there and see what education they have, what training they’ve gone through, what their goals and expectations are. You may discover that going to graduate business school after a couple of years of work experience could be just the thing for you.

Oh, yes, don’t worry about the math. Back in the Stone Age, I had to pass a calculus course before I started Wharton. I lived and breathed calculus for three weeks, passed the course, and NEVER USED CALCULUS AGAIN in my two years of graduate business school.

If you think graduate business school may be your destiny, go for it. And one day on television you may see "House" and "Boston Legal" make room for "Business Basics."

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