Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Rose by Any Other Name -- Using a “Professional” Email Address

Do you have a “cute” email address? Something such as sexyandsmart@domain? Your friends probably like this email address – and they can remember it’s yours. But for prospective college admission officer or employer these “cute” email addresses can be a major turn-off.

For “professional” emails get a “professional” email address. I like gmail accounts – they’re free and neutral-sounding ( does NOT sound very professional).

I recommend using your full name so that you reinforce your “brand” in all email communications. For example, let’s say your name is Jonathan Blipman. Then get an email address for jonathan.blipman. If that address is taken, try your middle initial: jonathan.m.blipman. (I like using the period between names because it is easier to read than jonathanblipman or jonathanmblipman.)

You can still use your “cute” email with your friends as long as you remember to check your “professional” email at least twice a day. You want to reply to college application, internship and job emails promptly. See my previous post titled A Simple Email Offers the Opportunity for a Positive Impression for professional email etiquette.

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