Sunday, June 8, 2008

Do Shoes Make the Woman or Man?

A photo caption in an article about the television show THE CLOSER in the June 9-15 TV GUIDE caught my eye:

“The New Shoes: Get used to seeing Brenda’s fancy new designer pumps. ‘She’s going to wear them with everything – even when the outfit calls for something utterly different,’ (Kyra) Sedgwick says. ‘They’re Chanel, and she spent a lot of money on them.’”

What made me think about the question of shoes (besides this photo caption) was that a rising college sophomore I know starts his first “real” internship/job tomorrow. And I assume he’ll have to trade his usual teen shoes for something more “professional.”

Will he remember to do this? Because sometimes the feet get overlooked when dressing for a professional position.

Of course you know NOT to wear flip flops to a professional position. And it’s probably clear that males shouldn’t wear sandals. It’s not so clear for females about wearing sandals – it depends both on the sandals and the outfit being worn with them. For females for the first day at a new position, I would recommend wearing closed-toe shoes until you get a feel for what is correct office wear.

As to the height of women’s heels – “fashion within reason.” This means that buying really HIGH heels for work is NOT within reason. You have to be able to move quickly if someone needs you, and those HIGH heels won’t let you do that. Plus you don’t want your new employers to worry about a workplace injury on your first day. Can you really go down that short flight of steps without tripping and falling and …?

The moral of this post: When you’re picking out your first-day outfit for your internship/professional position, you need to consider every item from your head to your toes.

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