Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Twitter Cautionary Advice Especially for Teens and Everyone Else

Yesterday a post in the email newsletter of Joan Stewart – – resonated with me because I had had a similar thought a day earlier when responding to an evite.

Sending tweets on can be great fun and good for creating business relationships. But, as Joan Stewart pointed out, this can also be a dangerous activity if you reveal too much personal information.

What would be an example of this? How about the revealing that the entire family will be away from home for a whole week starting “right now”? Sure, your address isn’t included in your tweet. But you have to figure that, thanks to the internet, everything can be learned.

A person with bad intentions could probably put together enough info from your tweets, your Twitter profile, your other online accounts, etc. to figure out your home address. And you just announced your house is going to sit empty for an entire week!

The ease of dashing off tweets may interfere with the realization that, as if with everything else you post on the internet, caution is the motto. It’s probably okay to say you’re attending an internet marketing conference in Miami. It’s probably not okay to add that your entire family is coming with you.

We all have to remember that anyone – and I mean ANYONE – can have access to our information on the internet. Just like we’ve talked about not posting anything online that could backfire in an employment or college application situation, let’s remember not to post anything that could backfire on the personal safety of our families and ourselves.

Moral of today’s blog post: Remember internet safety rules when twittering – and slow down your fingers to stop and think before giving away too much personal info.

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