Monday, June 2, 2008

More Twitter Info – Thanks to Penny Sansevieri

Since writing the previous post about Twitter, I’ve been experimenting with some Twitter ideas provided by Penny Sansevieri in the May 29th issue of her newsletter. Penny’s website is

I signed up for Penny’s newsletter a couple of months ago after reading her terrific book RED HOT INTERNET PUBLICITY. The newsletter is actually targeted at book authors who want to use the internet for book promotion (that’s me!). Yet almost everything Penny writes about in her newsletter could be used for other types of internet promotion.

Back to Twitter: Penny’s newsletter had tons of information on Twitter, and I want to share three of her suggestions that I just tried out:

If you go to the Twitter search site, you can type in words connected to topics of interest and see who sends tweets on that subject. For example, if you type in “red hot publicity,” some of the tweets that will appear are from BookGal -- that’s Penny. (Of course I was jealous of the tweet that announced she saw William Shatner at BookExpoAmerica; I was at BookExpo and didn’t catch sight of him.)

The summize application enables you to choose to follow people who send tweets about things that interest you. But Penny’s point for book authors is that people can find you based on words you use in your tweets. So you should think carefully about those 140 character tweets you post.

Next I tried out, at which you plug in search terms to see how often the terms are being used. I got 2600 for “internet marketing,” but I have no idea over what time frame that number represents. And checking the questions and comments section of tweetvolume, numerous other people have asked that question about time frame with apparently no answer yet.

Then in a list of many other applications for Twitter, Penny also included You plug in your twitter name (mine is ZimblerMiller) and you get a list of suggested people to follow based on the tweets you’ve sent. (Big Brother is watching!)

These new social media networking sites appear to be morphing at an incredible pace. How will we ever keep up with the information flow? And, hey, as a book author, I hope people will take breaks from the internet to still enjoy a good book.

Of course, people reading a book can send tweet updates of the book’s plot. Oh, dear, I hope no one gives away a book’s twists. Some information should be marked “confidential – not for tweets.”

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